Twice Fated, Thrice Tried (Digital PDF)

sloane leong
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"If there was one thing their father had given them it was an understanding of faith. They knew well the distances to which they could push the devout, prod at the fragility of their hope, the desperation of their minds that formed blessed tales around a stray vulture or a child’s red birthmark. The sisters knew their auspicious mirrored appearances would garner luck like all good omens did and groomed themselves into clever symmetry, painting on faux birthmarks, duplicating each other’s scars, reflecting and countering each other’s movements like the oracles they were believed to be.

And before the penitent they performed a single miracle.

They ate." 

Two heretical twin sisters play at the role of oracle to swindle the tribes and kingdoms of their land but soon have their beliefs tested by something outside their world...

Twice Fated, Thrice Tried is a 74-page, full color, speculative comic written and colored by Sloane Leong, drawn by Ibrahim Ineke with design by Sean Ford.

Content Warnings: violence, nudity

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